Hot Air Balloons, Rocamadour

Hot Air Balloons barely clearing houses at Rocamadour.

Cactus Patch, Birdlings Flat

Cacti growing on shingle beach in coastal settlement, New Zealand.

Great Wall

The restored section of the Great Wall of China at Mutianyu, near Beijing, taken in late winter conditions.  

Road Train, NT, Australia

Pinhole sieve photo of road train carrying cattle on dirt road in Northern Territory, Australia. April 2004

Night, Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-Michel at nightfall, reflected in the Couesnon River.

Bronte Pool, Sydney

The tidal bathing pool at Bronte, Sydney, Australia. Taken December 2003, Rolleiflex 3.5E

Glasgow Necropolis 8

Monuments in Glasgow Metropolis.

High Tide at Sunset

Surf breaking on Birdlings Flat beach, Banks Peninsula, New Zealand, at sunset.